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Asia Express Food, service and quality

asia pandAsia Express Food, since 1991 importer and exporter of Asian and African products. We are innovative supplier of food and non-food to customers all over Europe. We offer a broad assortment of fresh and food products and a small but delicate non-food assortment.

Each customer has a contact person at Asia Express Food, who offers a personal approach in the appropriate language, prominent knowledge of the products, a correct planning and the right information. This being completed with a monthly offer and every two weeks an up-to-date list of fresh products. Moreover, we support promotions of our customers.

Our purchasers seek the finest and most well-known brands. We have very good contacts with our suppliers and manufacturers from various regions over the world, and they are being visited every year. National and international markets are also visited on a regular basis. In this way the information with respect to the best quality, new products and product developments is always up-to-date.