Mekhong – The spirit of Thailand

Mekhong was the first locally produced spirit to be sold under a brand name in Thailand. Mekhong was introduced in Thailand in 1941, and it has been a great success ever since. The brand shares its name with the Mekhong river – the life force of Thailand – and also shares the river’s iconic status. Over the years Mekhong has had a key influence on the Thai people and society, and also has a symbolic significance: the brand is a symbol of Thai pride.

  • Country of origin Thailand
  • Bestseller: Mekhong 700 ml
  • Unique feature: Distilled to a secret recipe with natural Thai herbs and spices
  • Product range: Spirits

Product range MEKHONG
Original Thai Spirit 35% Alc.
# 4337
12x700 Ml.
Original Thai Spirit 35% Alc.
# 4338
12x350 Ml.