Nestlé - Taste of Home

The world is changing fast, people travel, migrate and settle down in new places where home nostalgia is becoming stronger. What can be better than the Taste of Home? Taste of Home by Nestlé takes it close to the heart to deliver into Europe Nestlé products and brands from all over the world, addressing customers and consumers from a wide cultural background.

  • Country of origin: the Netherlands Germany Sri Lanka Ivory Coast Poland Spain
  • Bestseller: Nido milk powder 400 gram
  • Unique feature: Quality products with a taste of home
  • Product range: milk products, bouillon cubes, seasoning sauces

Product range NESTLÉ
Sweetened Condensed Milk
# 5108
48 X 397 GR
Sweetened Condensed Milk
# 5108-1
12 X 397 GR
Kaymak Milk Cream
# 5109
48 X 170 GR